​​​​​​​​12th Annual WNBF/INBF Tri-State
Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, and Men's Physique Championships
Saturday, 16 May 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Question: Am I required to become an WNBF member to compete? 

Answer: Yes. All competitors must be or become members of the WNBF. Memberships can be paid in advance (with online or mail-in registration) or at athlete check-in. Memberships are good for 1 year from the date of purchase.

2) Question: I have already competed this year. Am I required to take another polygraph test? 

Answer: If you have taken an WNBF-sanctioned polygraph within 6 weeks of 16 May 2020, your polygraph fee is waived.

3) Question: I have already competed this year. Am I required to purchase another WNBF membership?

Answer: No. If you have already competed in a 2020 WNBF or INBF event, you will have already purchased an WNBF or INBF membership. Memberships are valid for 1 year so you will not be required to purchase a membership at the WNBF Tri-State. Please inform the promoters during check-in or indicate this on your registration form.

4) Question: I need to purchase an WNBF membership. Should I send that with my registration form and fee?

Answer: For those that need to purchase an WNBF or INBF membership, you can use the links below and purchase anytime or during check-in processing. Purchasing your membership prior to check-in will help expedite check-in processing. To get your WNBF or INBF membership, please use the links below:

WNBF membership: Click to Join!

INBF membership: Click to Join!

5) Question: I have sent my registration in. How do I schedule my polygraph test?

Answer: After we received your registration, we will contact you to schedule your test. Testing times will be on a first come first serve basis. The sooner your registration and fee is received, the better testing times will be available.

6) Question: I am not local to Dayton and will not be able to check-in until Saturday. Will this be a problem?

Answer: No. For those that are unable to arrive on Thursday or Friday for check-in or testing, we will also schedule polygraph tests and check-in on Saturday, 16 May 2020 at the Dayton Convention Center from 7 AM until 9 AM. Please inform the promoters of your request to do so when you are contacted for polygraph scheduling.

7) Question: What is the deadline for registration?

Answer: We encourage competitors to register as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that we have a limited number of hotel rooms at the contest discount rate. Also, by registering early, you will have access to more flexible polygraph testing times and spray tan appointment times. All online registrations must be received no later than Wednesday, 13 May 2020. All mail-in registrations must be received no later than Friday, 8 May 2020.

8) Question: I see that registration is accepted online at: Coming Soon!!!

Answer: Yes. Online and secure payment via Credit Card or PayPal is available. You may also mail payment the address provided on the registration web site.

9) Question: Can I pay for my membership online?

Answer: Yes. You may purchase memberships during online registration. This will expedite check-in processing. However, we will still accept membership payments during check-in processing.

10) Question: Where can I find judging criteria/rules?

Answer: Detailed judging criteria and rules are posted on the event web site or you can access it directly at: 
Click View Judging Criteria

to view/download all judging criteria/rules.

11) Question: Are there any concerns with me competing in other non-WNBF organizations?

Answer: Absolutely not! We welcome all athletes to compete and encourage your participation other non-WNBF sanctioned events as well.

12) Question: Will any polygraph test I've taken be honored?

Answer: Only polygraph tests administered at an WNBF sanctioned event within 6 weeks of our event will be honored.

*** Please feel free to submit additional questions to